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Celebrity-Ombre-Hair-Color-IdeasIntroducing Ombre hair! The French-termed hair trend features darker, more natural hues at the roots with graduated colour fading to the ends. It’s been spotted on plenty of A-list celebrities and I am sure you have seen it out and about, worn well and well… not so well! It’s a trend that doesn’t require a busy woman of the world to run to the salon every 6-8 weeks for a touch-up!

This style of coloring is great for the woman who is looking for something low maintainance, effective and most importantly different from the block colours and foils of the last 10 years. Word of warning but Ombre colouring is  a bigger service that requires a lot of hands on time for your hairdresser and of course the expense of that. Keep these points in mind to decide whether Ombre is for you and of course to try to save your self some dollars.

1. Bring a picture of a Colour and style you desire. It seems simple right but so many clients still come to their appointments in our hairdressing salons with grand plans for a massive change but with no actual idea of what colour they want. Bringing in a picture will give us picture of what you want done so we can quote you for exactly what will be required. There are many different results we can achieve that all fall under the Ombre banner varying from $100 up to $300. A good rule of thumb is to look at what looks good on celebrities with similar skin tone and style to you as well to ensure the look is right.

2. Know your budget, simple right? If you have a budget make sure to let us know as well in your consultation, different results and ombre styles have a different amount of work and time attached to them. If we know your budget we can tailor a solution for you within that if possible or avoid doing a service that is not exactly what you are looking for. As a side note our stylists will always quote you on a price prior to starting the service to avoid any nasty suprises.

3. Be honest about your colour history. If you have coloured or bleached your hair and not told us, you not only risk a chemical reaction,  you may not be able to achieve the “Ombre Hair” effect successfully without some color correction. This is probably the most important tip of the article, We are great hairdressers but we can’t work with damaged hair or an unsure colour history. If your hair is a patchwork of different shades we need to eliminate these shades using colour correction techniques to get a blank canvas to work with, which can be done but will take time (unless you want an uneven hue through your hair that is). Cureplex can allow us to achieve the result in the same day but comes as an added expense.

If you feel this style is something you would like to achieve please come in a visit our hairdressers at our Toombul, Taigum and Strathpine salons for an obligation free consultation and quote.


Current Promotion flyer

5 March;  Author: admin

Wow promotions- may

Our North Brisbane hairdressing salons located at ToombulTaigum and Strathpine are featuring some amazing hair specials this month with something for all ages. If you cannot see  the attached brochure here is the run down for your convinience.

1. 30 scattered foils with hot iron finish $109

2. Keratin smoothing for $250

3. Regrowth colour from $45

4. Wash + cut from $30

5. Super saver designer your package any length $109 (choose four services

6. Basic perm and designer cut only $79 for short hair

This voucher and it’s promotions are valid only until 1st May 2016. If you have any questions or queries please email us or contact the salon of choice by phone.


naked-hair-glueThis product is a must for any dapper gent’s sporting a fresh cut or slick back look cut. Naked hair’s Glue by Vita 5 of Sydney has an extreme 5/5 hold and long lasting and sweat resistant hold that will keep your style perfect from work well into the night.

Naked hair- Glue can either give a wet look or just provide hold and support depending on your styling needs and the amount of product that you use and most importantly can be wet and re-moulded through the day.

Naked hair- Glue is available for $22.95 in our Brisbane northside salons at TaigumToombul and Strathpine


spray-bobby-pinsDo your bobby pins tend to slide out? Try hitting them with a quick spray of hairspray or dry shampoo before you use them. This gives them a little extra grip so they actually snag the hair and helps prevent them falling out, this is especially helpful on fine, straight or thin hair, So why not try this;

1.Place your bobby pins on a paper towel or tissue

2. Give them a light spray, and then allow them to dry for a minute or two

3. Insert them into your hair. .

Remember if you have a last minute engagment our hairdressing salons always have cheaper options for quick up do’s and curls. Just pop in and see us at TaigumToombul or Strathpine to see how we can make your hair the talk of the event.



Create voluminous curls in 3 easy steps following this step by step slide show. Remember though the volume of the curls will be dependent on the natural volume in your hair thus the results will vary for everyone.

If you are wanting to get more volume in your hair why not come in a chat to our hairdressers about a body wave for style support at our Toombul, Taigum and Strarthpine salons




The “it” child star of the early nineties sitcom full house is back on the scene and has ditched her signature blonde for a warm brown colour. This colour not only suits her skin tone but is also a good choice for a 2016 change up for someone who is used to a lighter colour. The warm brown isn’t too much of a change to leave a life long blonde in shock and awe in front of the mirror but is enough to give you an indication whether you would suit a darker colour.


If you are wanting to progress from a darker colour to lighter than another tip is discuss foiling your hair with two tones one lighter foil to one slightly darker foil. This will not only break up the solid block of blonde that could send you into a state of panic when you see it but also gives a subtle amount of volume to the hair.


If you would like to discuss some option for going lighter or darker with your hair and bypassing the shock come in and see one of our hairdressers at our ToombulTaigum or Strathpine salons for an obligation free consultation and quote.


Mens: Bradley Coopers grown in style

29 February;  Author: admin

Bradley-Cooper-HairIf I had a dollar for every bloke who came in asking “Can I please look like Bradley Cooper?” I would be living in a Mansion down the gold Coast. The key to Bradley’s award-winning haircut is keeping the hair more grown-in, rather than cut tight to the head and scalp. Remember though if your hair is not naturally curly or volumious it’s going to look more like a mullet than this clean style.

There’s definitely a trend here and having this Summer haircut will not only work with your business suit on lazy weekends at the beach or summer nights down the surf club. You need to let your natural waves do the talking with this style and product will be needed to keep it slicked back, so you don’t look like Simba from the Lion king.

For the best results, use a 20c piece Vita 5 Naked hair shaper to keep your waves in place but more importantly, make them look natural and not glued down or slicked back.


PACK 1 menJust thought we would take the time to remind all our gents out there about our Special VIP Men’s pack. Be pampered by our amazing team of talented stylists in one of our three hairdressing salons at ToombulTaigum and Strathpine.

  • Men’s Full fashion cut (short-medium length only)
  • An invigorating scalp tonic Cleanse to help remove product and dirt build up and promote healthy hair growth.
  • Stress relieving massage and hot towel steam
  • Complimentary neck shave
  • Your choice of either a beard trim or Eyebrow wax and trim
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Protected: Members voucher

26 February;  Author: admin

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mermaid hairAlways take time and research the colour you are wanting to change to. An actual colour change can be a massive shock; blonde to red, dark brown to platinum, light brown to pastel pink. The key to a stress-free overhaul is to know exactly what you’re in for, what you need to do to maintain it and most importantly is it going to be too much, too soon. You could be setting yourself up for disappointment if you don’t figure this out in your own head first.

Your hair colour needs to be in sync with your skin tone. The colour of your hair can directly compliment or contrast your skin. The right tones look great, where as the wrong ones can make you look sickly or like little Mikey after surgery. The general rule is warmer colour’s suit warmer skin tones and cooler, ashy tones suit cooler skin tones.


Every colour needs a different level of care and colour maintenance regime. It’s such an import lesson to learn but one a lot of people don’t heed. Just because your hair felt great using Tresemme when you where Brunette with  a couple of foils, doesn’t mean it will be suitable for you now you have bright red hair. It’s so important to ensure your treatment regime, leave-in conditioner and even the amount of times you wash your hair every week is consistent with the needs of your new colour. In some cases you might not even be able to heat style your hair as often as you normally would. Be sure to check all these things out when chatting to your hairdresser about making the change and be honest with them about your hair history and preferred way of styling.

Ensure that your hair is in good condition. Depending on the change you are aiming for you are likely to be about to put your hair through a lot of chemical stress. To ensure it’s continued health always prepare your hair for colour using a pre-colour regime of a good treatment and clarifying shampoo. your hair strands need to be in optimal condition before the overhaul otherwise, you may find your hairs condition rapidly deteriorates after colour is applied…or worse, breaks. If your hair isn’t in the best of shape it might be an idea to use Cureplex with your colour to protect the hair from any damage. Our Brisbane Northside hairdressing salons all have Cureplex in stock and can discuss if this option would be suitable to you.

The first look at the colour is always a shock. When hair is wet, it looks darker. Within the first three or four washes, it will change.  A drastic colour change does demand some ‘live-in’ time. If after seeing it back at your seat you’re not sure, always wait till your hairdresser finishes the blow-dry. If after that you are still unsure let us know, go home and give it a couple of days and washes and then gie us a call if you are still un-easy with it.  9 times out of 10 after a day the tones settle down and the client ends up loving their hair. If all else fails, the beauty of hair is that you can go back to the original in a matter of hours using some specialised products.

If you are considering a big change in your hair colour why not come in and discuss it with our team of hairdressers at our ToombulTaigum and Strathpine hair salons on Brisbane’s Northside.


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