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I know, right. What would google know about hair trends! A lot more than you think actually. Think about it, the last time you where looking for inspiration how did you find it? If I had to guess I would say like us you grabbed out your smart phone or device and typed what ever it was you where looking for into Dr Google and finally the doctor has spoken and given us the verdict on what is being searched for from January to August in 2015.

dogbraid#1 Trending search “Braids”
Well it comes as no surprise that the number one top trending search in the hair category is braiding and why wouldn’t it be? It’s such a quick and easy way to put your hair up for work and it’ can be carried through to the gym, holidays and even jazzed up for a night out. We were recently on holidays on a trip to Borneo and Letitia who was with me got asked but nearly every girl in our tour group if she could braid their hair. If you are still struggling with the Braid keep an eye out for our how to braid video to be released soon.

teal purple ombre#2 Trending search “Crazy hair colours”
It’s almost as if we have entered the world Anime at the moment with some of the amazing bright colours that people are looking for at the moment. From the outright crazy like the lady who coloured her hair to resemble a strawberry through to the Amazing like Letitia’s “My Little pony hair” that she did recently. We have had some amazing results with this type of work since introducing our coloured bleach earlier this year which requires little preparation and most importantly is fade resistant.

hash tag#3 Trending search “The man bun”
You wouldn’t believe int but the #3 top trending search for 2015 is one for the boys. It would seem by the report there was a huge uptick in men searching “How to grow a man bun”, it even has an attached hash tag #Manbunmondays. I guess we can thank Brad Pitt, Justin Bieber and Harry Styles for that one.


men hair brush#4 Trending search “the comb over”
It’s ok, never fear we are not talking about the Donald Trump or Bert Newton type here. Think the more Don Draper-esque, dapper gent 20’s style. Since Underbelly razor these type of hairstyles and in particular the really defined razor line at the base. Our Mens cut and style package is great for people contemplating these new styles and includes a full consultation to ensure the style you choose is going to work for you and your life style.


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