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I know, right. What would google know about hair trends! A lot more than you think actually. Think about it, the last time you where looking for inspiration how did you find it? If I had to guess I would say like us you grabbed out your smart phone or device and typed what ever it was you where looking for into Dr Google and finally the doctor has spoken and given us the verdict on what is being searched for from January to August in 2015.

dogbraid#1 Trending search “Braids”
Well it comes as no surprise that the number one top trending search in the hair category is braiding and why wouldn’t it be? It’s such a quick and easy way to put your hair up for work and it’ can be carried through to the gym, holidays and even jazzed up for a night out. We were recently on holidays on a trip to Borneo and Letitia who was with me got asked but nearly every girl in our tour group if she could braid their hair. If you are still struggling with the Braid keep an eye out for our how to braid video to be released soon.

teal purple ombre#2 Trending search “Crazy hair colours”
It’s almost as if we have entered the world Anime at the moment with some of the amazing bright colours that people are looking for at the moment. From the outright crazy like the lady who coloured her hair to resemble a strawberry through to the Amazing like Letitia’s “My Little pony hair” that she did recently. We have had some amazing results with this type of work since introducing our coloured bleach earlier this year which requires little preparation and most importantly is fade resistant.

hash tag#3 Trending search “The man bun”
You wouldn’t believe int but the #3 top trending search for 2015 is one for the boys. It would seem by the report there was a huge uptick in men searching “How to grow a man bun”, it even has an attached hash tag #Manbunmondays. I guess we can thank Brad Pitt, Justin Bieber and Harry Styles for that one.


men hair brush#4 Trending search “the comb over”
It’s ok, never fear we are not talking about the Donald Trump or Bert Newton type here. Think the more Don Draper-esque, dapper gent 20’s style. Since Underbelly razor these type of hairstyles and in particular the really defined razor line at the base. Our Mens cut and style package is great for people contemplating these new styles and includes a full consultation to ensure the style you choose is going to work for you and your life style.


Christmas trading hours

30 November;  Author: admin

So that time of year is approaching for us to ensure you look your best for Christmas day. Our hairdressers at Toombul, Taigum and Strathpine will be working some altered hours in the lead up to Christmas to ensure that all our clients can be looked after.

Our Taigum hairdressing salon will be taking 5:00 pm colour bookings by appointment only so if you require a later appointment Christmas week please organise early to avoid disappointment.

Christmas trading hours



















Sunday 20 December 10:00 – 4:00 (excluding Strathpine)
Monday 21 December 9:00 – 5:00
Tuesday 22 December 9:00 – 5:00
Wednesday 23 December 9:00 – 9:00
Christmas Eve 9:00 – 5:00
Christmas day Closed
Boxing day Closed
Sunday 27 December Closed
Monday 28 December Closed
Tuesday 29 September Normal trading resumes

Please note that all salons will be New years day as well.


Quick hair tip #19

26 November;  Author: admin

hair-brush-Today we have another golden rule, Never Brush your hair when it’s wet. When you hair is wet the cuticles are usually open and it’s at its weakest state.  Generally speaking not drying your hair prior to brushing or styling will cause snapping and brittle ends and will also cause frizzy and un-tamable hair. 

P.S. Don’t have the time to wash and blow-dry come in and get us to it professionally for only $25 (Short – Long) or $35 for longer lengths


Hair app review- Modiface Hairstyles

25 November;  Author: admin

modifaceSmart phones! Haven’t they made a world of difference to almost every facet of our lives. It seems that every day I find another useful app on google play that makes my life a little bit easier.  I have already reviewed previously an app that can help show you different colours in your hair, so today i chose one of the more popular hairstyle choosing apps “Modiface”. Before I start my review i might just add a little disclaimer, although the App has some great hairstyles that you can try. Just because the app has a particular hairstyle that looks good different hair has different volume and textures and might not sit how the app shows. It is great for a general idea though.

Screenshot_2015-11-19-13-13-26How it works

So quite simply after downloading the app you simply open it up. You can choose to display the chosen styles on pre-loaded models or alternatively you can take a photo of yourself and display the haircuts on your own face. Once you take the picture it’s just a matter of setting up the parameters of your face so the app can detect the edges of your face and top of your head. Then simply select from the celebrity hair photo’s as listed and apply them to your face.

Screenshot_2015-11-19-13-13-03My thoughts

Some really great points of this app are that it is set up to be incredibly simple to use. I literally picked it up and without instructions was able to start using it with no hassles. The face parameter only needs to be set up as a guide. If it doesn’t look right when you apply the style you can also push the style to fit the unique shape of your face more suitably. The Modiface Celebrity  hair style database is reasonably sizable with about 100 styles to choose from of differing lengths. It’s enough anyway to give you a pretty good selection of basic styles and even has the flexibility to make changes to the hair colour as well to suit you more.

Ok some area’s it could of improved in my mind would be the ability to load your own celebrity style into the database, although the database was descent it did lack some particular styles that might not of been popular when the app was developed but are being asked for in the salon today. The colour palette was a little basic and was definitely not encompassing all the different styles and shades including fashion foil which make up the majority of styles we see today and can change the look of the style on your face as much as texture and volume.

In summation I think this app is better if you are going out and looking at ways to style your hair rather than to see how a haircut looks on your face. It is worth a download but it isn’t a must have for every customers. Click the google play icon to link to the app store and download.

google play


DamianWow! Hair salons

Toombul, Taigum and Strathpine


Quick hair tip #18

24 November;  Author: admin

hair straightenI know, I know! I am always stressing about the importance of using heat protectant in your hair prior to using your hot iron. Today though I’m going to change my angle, always make sure your hair is 100% dry.

If your hair has even the slightest bit of moisture the high heat of modern straightening irons will burn and sizzle you hair causing severe breakage.

A good rule of thumb is to always towel dry your hair and then blast dry with a blow dryer running your fingers through from the roots to the ends. If done correctly this should dry your hair in no time. Also don’t forget to use heat protectant 😀 


Damian- Wow! hair salons

Toombul, Taigum and Strathpine


Khloe changes again! Welcome the Lob

21 November;  Author: admin


I don’t think a month goes by when Khloe Kardashian isn’t in the spotlight sporting a new colour or hairstyle. Although she recently experimented with Crazy colour she is now a blonde bombshell and finally let her hair stylist cut her luscious long locks into a trendy Lob (long bob for those playing along at home).

It’s coming into summer now and a lot of our ladies always like to do something a little different. The Lob is a great choice as the texturising through the back will remove a lot of the weight making it a lot cooler for summer and there is still ample length to pony-up for training or work in an elegant way.

If your interested in a change come into the salon to talk to one of our talented stylists to see what would work best for you. Our hairdressing salons are at 3 convinenent locations at Toombul, Taigum and Strathpine.


Damian- Wow! hair salons

Comments Off on Less than $100 for regrowth and 1/2 head foils- Two Day Special

Less than $100 for regrowth and 1/2 head foils- Two Day Special

12 November;  Author: admin

15foil specialTODAY ONLY

We are running a very special offer for 1/2 head of scattered foils and regrowth touch up with dry-off for only $99. This is a offer with only limited spots available within each salon, So call one of our hairdressings salons at Toombul, Taigum or Strathpine to book in now and be ready for Christmas.









1/2 head scattered foils is 15 foils through the 1/2 head section, Regrowth touch up is for 30g of colour only and usually will cover 6-8 weeks regrowth, extra colour or foils can be added for an additional cost, Limited spots available, Dry-off is to see colour only a blow dry can be added for additional charge,Offer only valid 12 November 2015.

Offer Now extended to include Thursday 19th November and Friday 20th November


Quick hair tip #17

23 October;  Author: admin

hair-brush-Want your hair to grow quicker?

Try brushing your hair daily for 5 minute, This re-distributes the natural sebum through your hair promoting growth, natural shine and tensile strength. Just remember always use a natural bristle brush and only brush your hair when it is dry to avoid breakage.  Looks like Grandma was right when she told you to brush your befor e bed!!


Quick hair tip #16

16 October;  Author: admin

flat hairSick of flat hair in the morning?

Check this out, apply dry shampoo to your hair when you go to bed at night! This works it’s way into the cuticle as you sleep giving volume and bounce back to your hair! Finally you can say no to the morning rush for the shower!!


Quick hair tip #15

9 October;  Author: admin

woman-wearing-rollersLooking for more volume in your long hair? Try this quick tip!!!

While your hair is still warm after blow-drying roll some larger velcro rollers into the top of your hair and allow a couple of minutes to cool. Because the hair is still cooling it will lock the shape into your hair giving body and shape back to your style.

That simple! Now there’s no excuse for a flat hair day!


Wow hairdressers Toombul, Taigum, Strathpine


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