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taylor-swift-hair-hilightsYou have to love Taylor swift, Not only does she keep pumping out songs in the top ten but she’s also great at trying out new things with her hair. Tay-tay has now gone from Blonde bombshell with a bob to High impact Blonde with dark highlights.

You will notice that the contrast in colours help make her hair look thicker and fuller realling complenting her LOB style. This is the beauty of incorporating high contrast highlights into your hair style with the right hair style any hair type can be made to look thick, full and luscious.

If you would like to discuss option that could suit you, come in and see one of our hairdressers in salon at either our Taigum or Strathpine hair salons.


Khloe Kardashian our  favourite  hair fashionista shows us all how a simple change of style can change a persons entire look.  Over the last 3 years I have lost count of how many different ways Khloe K has worn her hair but she has to be one of the most popular celebrity photo’s to be bought into the salon.

To the left is a gallery of some of our favourite styles, Enjoy!



cureplex pictureIt was April last year that Kim Kardashian went from Her signature black hair to platinum in one visit before she was caught out using a wig. Although then it wasn’t possible, only one year later it is and Wow hair salons have the amazing product available as of next week. This amazing product is called Cureplex and it uses a dual action formulation to create new bonds and create a buffer between harsh Chemicals and your fragile hair.

Cureplex uses a three part system which incorporates a revolutionary propitiatory complex of naturally derived active ingredients and innovative delivery technology to ensure the deep penetration and protection of the hairs cuticle. This allows an assurance that any chemical work will not cause any further damage to your hairs health whatever it’s condition when you walk in.

cureplex-before-afterOK… So now the scientists out there are satisfied and the technical jargon’s out of the way with here’s some of the things this product while allow us to do;

    • Lift up to 10 shade levels in one sitting (black to blonde)
    • Perform chemical straightening or perming on damaged hair
    • Perform colour correction on splitting/damaged hair
    • Create Ombre or Ballyage styles with bright colours in one sitting


Basically what was impossible is now possible with this amazing new product. If you would like to see how it can help you reach your dream hair colour see one of our hairdressers for an obligation free consultation and quote in our TaigumToombul or Strathpine salons today.


Download the product information brouchure for more information.


Nicole Kidman from red to blonde

11 February;  Author: admin

nicole-kidman-strawberry-blondeSimply stunning is all that comes to mind when we look at Nicole Kidman’s soft strawberry blonde. The stylist has achieved this beautiful colour with back to back or what we call classic foils and a soft blonde toner to achieve the right tone. The best news of all is this colour can be achieved on anyone, even if they don’t have the red base using a soft strawberry in between every second or third foil.

If you are interested in a trying this style of colouring and you haven’t been blonde yet make sure you discuss how the tone will look against your skin colour with your hairdresser and get your price up front a it can be a big job. Our Unlimited packages 6 promotion can make it much more affordable, so come in and get an obligation free consultation and quote from one of our experienced hairdressers today.


christmas-eve-santa-sleigh>font size= “4”>Letitia, I and all the hairdressers at Wow! hairdressing salons would like to wish you and your families an amazing Christmas day. Remember today is a day to enjoy family and friends, eat, be merry and of course give thanks! We would like to thank you all for trusting us in salon and for the friendships we have built up over your visits.

We hope you have an amazing day and look forward to seeing you in the new year!


A hairdressers Christmas poem!

24 December;  Author: admin

Twas the week before Christmas

And in the salon

they were booked to the hilt

and their patience gone.


The foils were flying

the colours applied

but a client was begging

“fit me on the side”


“I have parties, events,

I have places to be!

Forget all those people its all about me!”


We washed we curled

through the holiday glee

With no time for lunches

or even to pee


At this time of year 

It is late when we leave

After running all day

Then it comes to Christmas eve


When the last style is set

Our feet are ablaze 

We can smile, and think

“Damn, I’m off for four days”



ariana-grande-platnium-blondeI know I am a little behind on this little tidbit of celebrity gossip but how amazing was Ariana’s Platinum blonde album cover shot. There is something truly amazing about the almost ice like affect that this colouring gives to a light to medium skin tone and it works amazing in a lot of different styles. Letitia at the Taigum Hairdressing salon had platinium hair for the good part of 2014 and in her own words it looked “absolutely stunning”

Now for the bad news! Going Platinium requires patience, time and a lot of upkeep to keep it looking great! Some points to remember if you are wanting to go this route. Firstly please DO NOT try to bleach it at home, without the correct developers and specialist blonde toners you will end up with a mess that could cost up to $500 to fix.

Secondly if you have darker hair we can only safely lift 2-3 shades per service safely.This ensure the integrity and ongoing health of your hair is not breached and protects against damage.

Finally when you have achieved the desired shade of platinum or silver your hair will require weekly and even bi-weekly toners in some case to keep the amazing platinium (overtone effect).

If after considering this you are thinking this is the colour for you please come in to one of our hair salons at Toombul, Taigum or Strathpine for an obligation free consultation and quote.


Katy Perry goes the bob

11 December;  Author: admin


Katy Perry is at it again but this time it’s not a crazy colour or Ombre but she has followed in the steps of other A-listers and gone the chop for Christmas and come out with this fashionable Bob.

Just remember if you have a lot of hair like Katy then you need to ensure your new style is texturised correctly. In my opinion the style that Katy’s stylist has cut is very heavy and not really shaped correctly for her squarer face shape. In summer a style like this can be even worse because the extra weight can cause discomfort in the heat.

If you are thinking about changing to a bob come into one of our hairdressers at Taigum, Toombul or Strathpine for an obligation free style consultation to see what would best suit you.


Rihanna goes blue!

8 December;  Author: admin

rihanna-blue-2015Although we are never surprised to see Rihanna parading crazy colours on stage at her concert, this year though she decided to go blue for the CBS radio We can survive concert. She even sported matching nails and lipstick to really set it off.

To go from brown to bright blue can take time depending on the amount of lightening required. This is to ensure that the integrity of the hair is not breached by to many chemical services. Always remember that although they are vibrant at the start most bright stains rinse out very quickly and require constant upkeep. You can get some lift and deposit colours in crazy colours which grab a lot better and don’t fade or run as well as our coloured bleach which once it’s in is there to stay.

If you are interested in a change to the amazing world of Bright Anime influenced hair then why not come into see one of our talented hairdressers at our hairdressing salons at Taigum, Toombul and Strathpine.

Damian- Wow! hair salons


I know, right. What would google know about hair trends! A lot more than you think actually. Think about it, the last time you where looking for inspiration how did you find it? If I had to guess I would say like us you grabbed out your smart phone or device and typed what ever it was you where looking for into Dr Google and finally the doctor has spoken and given us the verdict on what is being searched for from January to August in 2015.

dogbraid#1 Trending search “Braids”
Well it comes as no surprise that the number one top trending search in the hair category is braiding and why wouldn’t it be? It’s such a quick and easy way to put your hair up for work and it’ can be carried through to the gym, holidays and even jazzed up for a night out. We were recently on holidays on a trip to Borneo and Letitia who was with me got asked but nearly every girl in our tour group if she could braid their hair. If you are still struggling with the Braid keep an eye out for our how to braid video to be released soon.

teal purple ombre#2 Trending search “Crazy hair colours”
It’s almost as if we have entered the world Anime at the moment with some of the amazing bright colours that people are looking for at the moment. From the outright crazy like the lady who coloured her hair to resemble a strawberry through to the Amazing like Letitia’s “My Little pony hair” that she did recently. We have had some amazing results with this type of work since introducing our coloured bleach earlier this year which requires little preparation and most importantly is fade resistant.

hash tag#3 Trending search “The man bun”
You wouldn’t believe int but the #3 top trending search for 2015 is one for the boys. It would seem by the report there was a huge uptick in men searching “How to grow a man bun”, it even has an attached hash tag #Manbunmondays. I guess we can thank Brad Pitt, Justin Bieber and Harry Styles for that one.


men hair brush#4 Trending search “the comb over”
It’s ok, never fear we are not talking about the Donald Trump or Bert Newton type here. Think the more Don Draper-esque, dapper gent 20’s style. Since Underbelly razor these type of hairstyles and in particular the really defined razor line at the base. Our Mens cut and style package is great for people contemplating these new styles and includes a full consultation to ensure the style you choose is going to work for you and your life style.


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