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brushinghairMost of us have never even considered the idea of brushing our hair before we jump in the shower, but it makes sense though. You lose quite a lot of hair during the washing process, and guess where all of that hair goes? Down the drain! To reduce clogs, brush before you wash, especially if you are prone to tangles.

Remember a good brush for the job is a pure boar bristle or natural fiber brush, not only is is gentle on the hair and promotes healthy growth but also they are designed to prevent uncomfortable snagging that some plastic bristle brushes and combs seem to be notorious for.


Quick hair tip #28 Sleep on silk

8 March;  Author: admin

Sleep-Silk-PillowFeel like a Princess and switch our cotton pillow cases to silk. Not only is it better for your skin, but it does wonders for your hair!

Cotton robs your hair of moisture as you sleep and is more likely to cause bed head. It is also generally much harsher on your hair and can end up causing damage and split ends. It doesn’t seem like it would make much of a difference, but we sleep on it every night, so it adds up.


Hair-conditioner-smooth-hairUnless you have really dry scalp, most of use don’t need the extra moisture conditioner provides on our roots. Your scalp naturally produces Sebum (oil) every day and adding more will give your hair a greasy look. Try to applying your conditioner to the bottom 3/4 of your hair, really concentrating on the ends rather than the roots.

This will ensure that the bulk of the product is where it is needed most.

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vibracolor rangeNow we are finally starting to greet the warmer weather again, don’t forget to ensure you protect your colour. The sun, wind and other natural elements are some of the major causes of reduced longevity of your colour.

To keep your hair looking salon perfect for longer always ensure you use a good fade preventing and colour lock shampoo and conditioner like Brocato Vibracolor.

Vibracolour apart from smelling amazing and leaving your hair in great condition, it’s propitiatory blend of sunflower seed oil and mango extract helps protect against elemental colour fading.

For more information about ways to look after your hair please talk to one of our hairdressers at our Toombul, Taigum or Strathpine hairdressing salons


brocato_25Are you worried about your hair snapping or breaking?
to help reduce this make sure you are feeding your hair the correct balance of moisture and protein. This can be as simple as using the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hairs needs. In a nutshell if your hair is brittle, snapping or breaking it usually needs more protein. If it lacking shine, feeling flat and dry to touch it requires more moisture. See how easy is that!!

Also if you need to tie your hair back use only purpose made hair bands and never just an elastic band. Finally when brushing your hair make sure you hold it at the roots to avoid undue stress on the hair.


Quick hair tip #22 Why massage

15 December;  Author: admin

head-massage-good-circulationA common question I get asked in the salon is “why do you guys always give a massage at the basin?”. My answer is usually well cause it just feels awesome but there is actually a real reason as to why it’s included in your service.

The reason is a healthy scalp means healthy hair and massage is a great way to maintain that. It not only relieves the built up tension that is held around the occipital bone and temples but it also invigorates your scalp helping promote healthy growth of your hair. The 2 minutes that we leave the treatment on also allows time for it to penetrate the cuticle in as well as the hot towel that opens it up.

let’s be honest though all we really like to say is that it feels awesome!


steaming-hot-towelHere’s another quick treatment tip. If you want your re-hydrating treatment to penetrate deeper into the cuticle and have that nice soft and shiny hair we all look for, try placing a hot towel over your head while the treatment is still in. The heat softens and relaxes the cuticle allow the thicker treatment to seep in and do it’s work.

Bonus tip: To create a hot towel drench a small towel in water as hot as you can handle and wring out and roll. Then place in a microwave on high power for 30 seconds to make it steam then wrap away.



Do you ever feel like your hair has stopped growing? Well i bet you didn’t know that regular trims actually help your hair grow! The split ends get worse and worse as time goes on and as they split away from the hair they actually take healthy hair further up the hair shaft with them when they snap away from the shaft. We always have appointments for trims and prices starting from $30.

So why not come into our hairdressers at Toombul, Taigum or Strathpine today?


Quick hair tip #19

26 November;  Author: admin

hair-brush-Today we have another golden rule, Never Brush your hair when it’s wet. When you hair is wet the cuticles are usually open and it’s at its weakest state.  Generally speaking not drying your hair prior to brushing or styling will cause snapping and brittle ends and will also cause frizzy and un-tamable hair. 

P.S. Don’t have the time to wash and blow-dry come in and get us to it professionally for only $25 (Short – Long) or $35 for longer lengths


Quick hair tip #18

24 November;  Author: admin

hair straightenI know, I know! I am always stressing about the importance of using heat protectant in your hair prior to using your hot iron. Today though I’m going to change my angle, always make sure your hair is 100% dry.

If your hair has even the slightest bit of moisture the high heat of modern straightening irons will burn and sizzle you hair causing severe breakage.

A good rule of thumb is to always towel dry your hair and then blast dry with a blow dryer running your fingers through from the roots to the ends. If done correctly this should dry your hair in no time. Also don’t forget to use heat protectant 😀 


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