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Celebrity-Ombre-Hair-Color-IdeasIntroducing Ombre hair! The French-termed hair trend features darker, more natural hues at the roots with graduated colour fading to the ends. It’s been spotted on plenty of A-list celebrities and I am sure you have seen it out and about, worn well and well… not so well! It’s a trend that doesn’t require a busy woman of the world to run to the salon every 6-8 weeks for a touch-up!

This style of coloring is great for the woman who is looking for something low maintainance, effective and most importantly different from the block colours and foils of the last 10 years. Word of warning but Ombre colouring is  a bigger service that requires a lot of hands on time for your hairdresser and of course the expense of that. Keep these points in mind to decide whether Ombre is for you and of course to try to save your self some dollars.

1. Bring a picture of a Colour and style you desire. It seems simple right but so many clients still come to their appointments in our hairdressing salons with grand plans for a massive change but with no actual idea of what colour they want. Bringing in a picture will give us picture of what you want done so we can quote you for exactly what will be required. There are many different results we can achieve that all fall under the Ombre banner varying from $100 up to $300. A good rule of thumb is to look at what looks good on celebrities with similar skin tone and style to you as well to ensure the look is right.

2. Know your budget, simple right? If you have a budget make sure to let us know as well in your consultation, different results and ombre styles have a different amount of work and time attached to them. If we know your budget we can tailor a solution for you within that if possible or avoid doing a service that is not exactly what you are looking for. As a side note our stylists will always quote you on a price prior to starting the service to avoid any nasty suprises.

3. Be honest about your colour history. If you have coloured or bleached your hair and not told us, you not only risk a chemical reaction,  you may not be able to achieve the “Ombre Hair” effect successfully without some color correction. This is probably the most important tip of the article, We are great hairdressers but we can’t work with damaged hair or an unsure colour history. If your hair is a patchwork of different shades we need to eliminate these shades using colour correction techniques to get a blank canvas to work with, which can be done but will take time (unless you want an uneven hue through your hair that is). Cureplex can allow us to achieve the result in the same day but comes as an added expense.

If you feel this style is something you would like to achieve please come in a visit our hairdressers at our Toombul, Taigum and Strathpine salons for an obligation free consultation and quote.


mermaid hairAlways take time and research the colour you are wanting to change to. An actual colour change can be a massive shock; blonde to red, dark brown to platinum, light brown to pastel pink. The key to a stress-free overhaul is to know exactly what you’re in for, what you need to do to maintain it and most importantly is it going to be too much, too soon. You could be setting yourself up for disappointment if you don’t figure this out in your own head first.

Your hair colour needs to be in sync with your skin tone. The colour of your hair can directly compliment or contrast your skin. The right tones look great, where as the wrong ones can make you look sickly or like little Mikey after surgery. The general rule is warmer colour’s suit warmer skin tones and cooler, ashy tones suit cooler skin tones.


Every colour needs a different level of care and colour maintenance regime. It’s such an import lesson to learn but one a lot of people don’t heed. Just because your hair felt great using Tresemme when you where Brunette with  a couple of foils, doesn’t mean it will be suitable for you now you have bright red hair. It’s so important to ensure your treatment regime, leave-in conditioner and even the amount of times you wash your hair every week is consistent with the needs of your new colour. In some cases you might not even be able to heat style your hair as often as you normally would. Be sure to check all these things out when chatting to your hairdresser about making the change and be honest with them about your hair history and preferred way of styling.

Ensure that your hair is in good condition. Depending on the change you are aiming for you are likely to be about to put your hair through a lot of chemical stress. To ensure it’s continued health always prepare your hair for colour using a pre-colour regime of a good treatment and clarifying shampoo. your hair strands need to be in optimal condition before the overhaul otherwise, you may find your hairs condition rapidly deteriorates after colour is applied…or worse, breaks. If your hair isn’t in the best of shape it might be an idea to use Cureplex with your colour to protect the hair from any damage. Our Brisbane Northside hairdressing salons all have Cureplex in stock and can discuss if this option would be suitable to you.

The first look at the colour is always a shock. When hair is wet, it looks darker. Within the first three or four washes, it will change.  A drastic colour change does demand some ‘live-in’ time. If after seeing it back at your seat you’re not sure, always wait till your hairdresser finishes the blow-dry. If after that you are still unsure let us know, go home and give it a couple of days and washes and then gie us a call if you are still un-easy with it.  9 times out of 10 after a day the tones settle down and the client ends up loving their hair. If all else fails, the beauty of hair is that you can go back to the original in a matter of hours using some specialised products.

If you are considering a big change in your hair colour why not come in and discuss it with our team of hairdressers at our ToombulTaigum and Strathpine hair salons on Brisbane’s Northside.


my little pony hairTo paraphrase a line from Spiderman “With great colours, comes great responsibility!”. Lets look at 10 things you should know before taking the leap and adopting a crazy colour like so many celebrities are doing;

1. Colours usually fade within days- It’s true! unfortunately most Crazy colours are stains only, not depositing colours and will usually reduce in vibrancy significantly within 4 to 5 days. Our hairdressers at Toombul, Taigum and Strathpine have a  couple of tricks up their sleeves with the use of coloured bleach and a small range of depositing bright colours which can save time, money and of course won’t fade out as quickly but these are not available in all cases. Some colours like green and yellow though are still limited to stains only and still some fading is to be expected. 


2. Colours stain everything- Your white pillow cases and towels will never be the same again.  We always recommend to change your pillow cases and towels  for darker colours that won’t show your chosen hue. Unfortunately as much as we try all stains will run a little over time.


3. The gym will never be the same- Remember how the colour stains everything that includes your skin as well every time you work up sweat. Make sure you swap your lighter colour gym towel for a dark one and a sweat band for your head will keep your forehead from looking like a mess and might keep the gym manager off your back about the mess on the machines and the floor.


4. Go red and your shower will look like a crime scene- Yeah you guessed it the walls, floors even the taps will be covered in red and look like something out of american horror story. Make sure you buy some bleach and scrub every couple of days to avoid permanent staining


5. Change your washing habits- keep the colour vibrant by using cold water to wash. This keeps the cuticle closed and allows less of the colour to leach in the shower. Not fun in winter thats for sure but I guess on the up side you don’t need to wash your hair as often, just use a good dry shampoo so it doesn’t go icky.


6. Dry your hair thoroughly – Remember how I said that the colour gets on everything? Well that includes your hands and styling equipment when trying to style from wet. Always try to allow your coloured hair to naturally dry. This is not only the healthiest option for it but will also prevent the mess. If you must get going maybe consider using gloves and washing/ wiping equipment straight away.


7. Your natural colour how we can achieve your target colour- I’m sorry to say but in the hairdressing world not all hair is equal. To get vibrant we need a blonde base so they show up. That means if you’re darker naturally we have to get to a blonde (or 9 or 10 level in pro speak) first prior to putting the stain on. If we can use a coloured bleach this will bypass this step but will not work in every circumstance. Cureplex will allow us to do even the darkest hair in one sitting but all of course at a cost , always sit done and discuss your budget and time constraints with your hairdresser prior to getting a large service like this done.


8. Your hair afterwards will be delicate Remember we will need to do extensive chemical work in particular lightening to achieve the bright results you are after. With this type of work comes fragile, delicate hair. While our hairdressers are trained to ensure your hair remains healthy after the service, it is up to you to ensure you are careful brushing it and use the recommended treatments and products at home to help prevent the split ends, knots and ultimately snapping,breaking hair that can result from poor maintainance.


9. You have to Commit- Although now using Cureplex we can do all the bleaching in one sitting you must be prepared to write off most your day in the salon. It is a long process and although using Cureplex will allow us to do more in the same day it still takes the same time as if we do each service on a separate days (similar cost too unfortunatly).


10. Some colours are impossible to get out- This is important just remember although you might not like the colour any more without a full colour correction some shades will remain in your hair until it is all cut out. Consider this prior to going for the bright colours, It’s not something you can just colour over before you get back from summer holidays.


With that all said though most of our team that have taken the plunge and chosen to adopt a bright colour have never wanted to go back to the world of ordinary colours. If you would like to discuss a plan for you future colour see one of our hairdressers at Toombul, Taigum or Strathpine salons for an obligation free consultation and quote today.



cureplex pictureWell its official! The revolutionary new additive Cureplex is now available in our three North Brisbane Wow! hair salons. This fantastic new product has taken the world by storm since it’s release in April 2015 and the results we have achieved with the product so far are amazing. Cureplex is designed to be added into the professional colour and lighteners we use in salon to help maintain the structural integrity of the chemical bonds in the hair and of course the overall health of the hair.

So I hear you ask what does Cureplex do? First of all understand that your hair strands are made up with lots of tiny bonds that form one single strand. Hair breakage occurs when the bonds break down from chemical treatments (irrespective of how gentle the product might be). This tends to occur commonly when hair undergoes many treatments like colouring and constant stresses (straightening, perms etc.). Cureplex creates new bonds in the hair and buffers existing hair, whilst delivering added elasticity, strength, and enhanced conditioned softness. 

Cureplex is designed to allow us to;

  • Achieve any level of lightening in one sitting by allowing us to reapply lightener as many times as nessecarry 
  • Offer an extra level of protection for fragile hair types during any chemical service
  • Prevent further damage to snapping breaking hair during any chemical service
  • Perform Colour corrective services whatever the damage and achieve the right colour in one sitting. 

 Cureplex before and after wowOur Brisbane Northside salon pricing for the Cureplex in salon treatment is usually $50 more than the service you are getting done in salon and includes the Cureplex No.3 Bond sustainer take home treatment. This will ensure the continued health of your hair even after you leave the salon. If you would like any more information please email us for more information or to book a obligation free quote with on of our stylists at our Taigum, Toombul and Strathpine and see if this product could be suitable for you. For more information consult our printable brochure.


ariana-grande-platnium-blondeI know I am a little behind on this little tidbit of celebrity gossip but how amazing was Ariana’s Platinum blonde album cover shot. There is something truly amazing about the almost ice like affect that this colouring gives to a light to medium skin tone and it works amazing in a lot of different styles. Letitia at the Taigum Hairdressing salon had platinium hair for the good part of 2014 and in her own words it looked “absolutely stunning”

Now for the bad news! Going Platinium requires patience, time and a lot of upkeep to keep it looking great! Some points to remember if you are wanting to go this route. Firstly please DO NOT try to bleach it at home, without the correct developers and specialist blonde toners you will end up with a mess that could cost up to $500 to fix.

Secondly if you have darker hair we can only safely lift 2-3 shades per service safely.This ensure the integrity and ongoing health of your hair is not breached and protects against damage.

Finally when you have achieved the desired shade of platinum or silver your hair will require weekly and even bi-weekly toners in some case to keep the amazing platinium (overtone effect).

If after considering this you are thinking this is the colour for you please come in to one of our hair salons at Toombul, Taigum or Strathpine for an obligation free consultation and quote.


hair straightenAs my Mum a hairdresser of 40 years used to say “We always want the hair we don’t have!”. Let’s be honest never a truer word has been spoken, if you have flat, straight hair when you go out you want long flowing curls and of course if you have a beautiful wave or curls all you really want is that sleek straight finish. With so many different brands and of course a massive gap in prices. Although most hairdressers will recommend GHD or other brands that they like in particular choosing your hot iron is a personal choice and you have to select something that is right for your use. Below is a guide of things to look for

Temperature controller – Most on/off style hot iron straighteners are set at between 200 – 210 degrees. This temperature is great to straighten medium hair thicknesses but when you have either very fine hair or course frizzy hair a temperature variable iron is worth it’s weight in gold. Fine hair (including chemically damaged and bleached hair) heats up a lot quicker than healthy virgin hair and the 210 degree temperature of an on-off style iron can cause breakage and de-hydrate your hair. Where as overly thick and curly hair can take several swipes with the hot iron to get it straight.

Verdict- You only require a temperature controller on your iron if you are not the only one using it or your hair falls into the categories on either side.   

Plate size- The most popular plate size most people choose for hot iron straightener is 1″. This size is multi functional and allows you to use your hot iron straightener to do basic curls and straighten your hair as well. Wide plate are great for longer and thicker hair types as it cuts down on time straightening but usually vary in temperature more (bigger surface area to heat up) and most importantly can be only used to straighten. The 1/2″ and 1/4″ plates a great for fine work and doing small kicks and flicks in your fringe but are impractical to do full heads.

Verdict- If your after a one size fits all solution go a 1″ plate. If you only straighten your hair and want to do it quick go for a 1 1/2″ to 2″ plate with temperature control.

Plate attachment – There are two ways of which plates are secured in place. They are either fixed and don’t move or floating. Floating plates allow a small range of movement and are very important if you are doing any kicks or flicks in your style or if you are using the iron for curls. Fixed plates will leave creases in your hair  from the edge of the plate whereas a floating plate recess to the edge of the iron allowing the hair to glide past the edge with no snags.

Plate type- There are four  different plate types that manufacturers tend to use when making hot irons. Each one has it’s merits and your choice should be based on what’s most suitable for you personally.

Ceramic plates are the most common. They heat up quickly and evenly and don’t catch in the hair. Ceramic plates hold heat for longer so will require cool down time and can crack easily if dropped on the ground.

Titanium plates are lightweight and durable. Being a metal they are very hard to break and heat up extremely quickly. Titanium because it is such a  great conductor of heat can sometimes heat up too quickly and can be affected by outside temperature variations.

Tourmaline plates create a negative charge eliminating static and helping to control frizzy, curly hair. Usually this negative ion generation helps straighten hair with less passes as well, meaning you’re applying damaging heat to your hair for less time.

Metal plates are usually used in the cheaper choices of hot iron straighteners and usually have inconsistent heating and “hot spots” on the plate, giving an uneven finish. These type of plate tend to grad to the hair as well, most hairdressers will not usually stock this type but for the sake of delivering an article i thought i might add it in.

I wrote this as an informational piece and as you would have noticed have not suggested any products that I think are good. I would like to get a conversation going about what you feel has been the best choice for you and why? 



hair_smartAmmonia-free and low ammonia hair colour is a major trend in hair colour technology today and over the last

Ebony_hair_colours_wowyear Our hairdressers have been using the Hair smart argan infused colour range which is low in ammonia and as the results have shown is an amazing lasting permanent colour. So why did permant colours use Ammonia in the first place I hear you ask?

Ammonia is used in permanent hair colors to give better, more durable colors and allows for more significant color changes. Ammonia partially removes the natural colour pigment from the hair and opens up the surface of the strand so that the hair colour can penetrate and effectively lift out the natural hairs. This allows the hair colour molecules can penetrate and deposit.

bigstock_The_Girl_With_Red_Hair_3134220Essentially, ammonia has been largely responsible for hair color’s ability to alter hair hue without washing out after only a few shampoos. This method of depositing colouring the hair has been commonly reported to have side effects such as stinging the eyes and scalp, and smells pretty horrible as well.

Ammonia-free colours most often work by using an ammonia alternative called MEA, or monoethanolamine, or an oil-based delivery system, to more gently open and penetrate the hair shaft. Our hair salons colour brand “Hair smart” uses Argan oil and multi vitamins to acheive this result with the use of less than 3g ammonia for fashion colours only (usually reds and violets). These hues to remain vibrant and give longevity require a little boost and usually feature a little bit of ammonia to get results.

With this amazing colour we always can achieve uniform and lasting results with perfect coverage of up to 100 percent white hair with vibrant shades and lightening ability.Another benefit of the low ammonia technology and subsequent natural infused oils is the feel of the hair after the colour service. Not only do our clients hair feel softer and healthier at the end of the service but the feeling usually continues until the next wash.

If you are worried about the effects of colour on your skin please come into the salon to see one of our hairdressers at Toombul, Taigum and Strathpine for a patch test to see how your skin reacts to our colour system.

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Schools back!! How to preventing head lice in your household.

26 February;  Author: admin

lice-life-cycleOkay so schools back and the kids have finally stopped hanging around the house saying how bored they are! I know it’s a relief, the morning schedule is finally back in order but with the new school year comes eery parents dread! Head lice! As hairdressers this actually becomes one of our most embarrassing jobs is to tell parents we can’t cut their kid’s hair because they have head lice. As it’s that time of year, I thought it was about time to write a post on 10 steps to preventing head lice and most importantly the most effective way to get rid of them once your child has them.

1. Teach your child good habits- The simplest way to prevent your child from getting hair lice is to stop the spread. Teach your child not to share brushes, combs, clips, clothing, hats or towels. These items all commonly help spread the lice between the kids. Remember prevention is always better than a cure.

2. Avoid shared spaces- In keeping with suggestion one ensure your child is careful with the storage of their personal possessions in public spaces at Kindy or School. Stress the importance of keeping their jumpers, hats and bags separate from other classmates.

lice-in-hair3. Brush hair regularly- Although this won’t actually prevent an outbreak in your child’s hair it will allow you to inspect their hair and notice any lice or eggs before they spread too rapidly. So when checking for lice you are looking for either the lice themselves or their eggs. The picture to the right is a good example of what the head lice looks like.

In a follow up post will post up a home formula that you can make at home that will kill head lice and their eggs quickly and efficiently.


Being that we are now half way through summer a lot of our clients have gone lighter colours for the warmer months. Although we all love blonde hair unfortunately the lighteners we use to help us achieve (powdered hair bleach) this look are extremely damaging to our hair compared to the typical treatment infused colours that we use in salon. If not looked after correctly lightened hair is susceptible to snapping, breaking and of course extreme flyaway and frizziness.

wrong hair colour1. Incorrect preparation- We recommend with any intensive colouring service that you prepare your hair prior to coming to the salon. A lot of the time clients just go in to see their hairdresser expecting that we can change their hair from one colour to another with ease. Unfortunately this is not the case. When you do any chemical procedure on the hair you cause damage to the cuticle and break down the hairs internal honey comb structure (to understand more about hair structure see this previous post). A good idea prior to any lightening routine is to ensure that your hair is in good condition by using a protien rich shampoo and treatment regime to help increase the strength of your hair and prepare it for your chemical service.

2. Heat styling- Using a hot iron or a blowdryer can dry out even the healthiestHow to style hair hair but after your hair has been lightened your hair is already dry. True limiting the amount you use your hot iron or blowdryer even allowing your hair to dry naturally. With use of a good treatment regime you can go back to using your heat styling tools in about 2 weeks or sooner depending on the levels of developer used. This is one of the reasons in salon why we never recommend using any higher than 20 vol developer.

Lack of moisture- If you do use heat styling tools, which lets be honest can be very hard if your going out or needing to look presentable for work, always ensure your try to retain the moisture balance in your hair with a good re-hydrating treatment like Brocato Saturate and most importantly always ensuring to use heat protection when styling your hair. Also if you have a suitable hair type Argan oil is amazing to help increase moisture retention in your hair.

4. Lack of protien-  So you are probably sick of hearing me talk about this but protien is paramount to keeping lightened hair feeling healthy and fixing any damage that has been caused by the chemical service. Brocato’s cloud 9 miracle repair products are designed precisely for this purpose. This will help make our hair feel healthy, manageable and most importantly build the cuticles tensile strength reducing snapping or breaking ends.

5. Split ends- So we all know that damaged hair usually results in plenty of split ends but something that is less common knowledge is that if your hair is damaged your split ends will actually become larger requiring more length to be taken off to keep it healthy. See what happens is the split end will tear up the cuticle and the longer it is left the more hair that will split apart.  One easy way to combat this is to get frequent trims at your hairdresser. Not only will this reduce the amount we have to cut off but it will also ensure your hair always looks it’s best.

6. UV damage-  The final killer for lightened hair is the sun! Because your hair is already in a damaged state the sea, sun and wind will all draw more moisture out of your hair than it has already loss. On top of a good Treatment regime to help put the moisture back in remember to try and wear a hat broad brimmed hat


honey hiveSo who’s confused about Protein? Sometimes it’s good for your, sometimes it’s bad! I wouldn’t be offended if you thought that all hairdressers where a little nuts and learning out of different textbooks. I first learnt about Protein and it’s effect on the hair at 12 years of age when i graduated from working at the basin to retail assistant in my parents salons and i had the same thoughts. After my mother spent about 30 minutes trying to explain how it all works all while i sported a dumb found look, she finally came out with the simplest and easiest to understand metaphor, I have since used when training all my apprentices.

So imagine that your hair is like a bee-hive (the title making sense yet?). So basically it’s internal structure is a criss-cross of honeycomb lattice. When the Hive is empty, it’s extremely fragile and brittle. As the bee’s fill it with honey it becomes stronger and a lot less resistant to shattering if it falls off the tree. Finally as it gets too full the honey seeps out of the hive and as it dry’s makes the outside feel sticky and hard.

Ok so now i hear you asking what the heck has any of this got to do with protein in my hair. Well the protein is like the honey. The less you have in your hair the weaker your hair is! When the levels hit tipping point it leeches out of the cuticle and makes hair feel hard and stiff. If your hair is snapping or breaking this is usually a sign that it requires protein but please be aware when using a protein based treatment like Brocato Cloud 9, discontinue use after your hair is healthy. Prolonged use will cause further damage. I hope this clears up any confusion.

Damian DeCandia –  Toombul hair salon


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