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brocato-vibracolor-fade-prevent-shampooThis amazing product from Sam Brocato’s US range designed for hairdressers by hairdressers is designed to enhance and extend the life of your demi, semi or permanent hair colour by 50%. Being that it’s Paraben and sulfate free, Brocato vibracolor shampoo is gentle enough for everyday use and helps to increase the radience and shine in your colour.

Brocato Vibracolour this using three key ingredients;

1. Brocato’s fade prevention complex which is a unique blend of mango extract, Pathenol, Aloe vera that offers UV protection, shine and hydration

2. Sunflower seed oil that provides protection from colour fading

3. Wheat protiens and Jojoba to strengthen and give elasticity back to the hair

Ask one of our hairdressers at our Taigum or Strathpine on your next visit to see if this product could be suitable for your hair.


vibracolor rangeNow we are finally starting to greet the warmer weather again, don’t forget to ensure you protect your colour. The sun, wind and other natural elements are some of the major causes of reduced longevity of your colour.

To keep your hair looking salon perfect for longer always ensure you use a good fade preventing and colour lock shampoo and conditioner like Brocato Vibracolor.

Vibracolour apart from smelling amazing and leaving your hair in great condition, it’s propitiatory blend of sunflower seed oil and mango extract helps protect against elemental colour fading.

For more information about ways to look after your hair please talk to one of our hairdressers at our Toombul, Taigum or Strathpine hairdressing salons


Brocato Cloud 9 Finally after a long year we finally have our Amazing Brocato hair care range back in stock in our hair salons at Taigum, Toombul and Strathpine. The Brocato hair care products are a revolutionary product designed by hairdressers for hairdressers using only the highest quality natural ingredients and plant proteins with no damaging sulfates.

One of the main differences is the Brocato ranges mix and match approach which allows us to customize the right balance of protein and moisture that your hair needs to keep it in condition, shine and health.

If you would like any further information about how the range could help you take back control of your hair or a personalised prescription please ask one of our friendly hair stylists in our hair salons today.

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Prepare you hair for colour

6 April;  Author: admin

peppermint scrubDo you sometimes find that the colour you choose in salon doesn’t seem to be as vibrant in your hair as you Brocato haircare productsoriginally thought it would be. A lot of the time this can be because your hair has not been prepared correctly for the service it is about to undergo.

A lot of commonly used supermarket brand products contain high levels of Dimethicone (silicon oils), while most shampoo’s use dimethicone as it does help add shine to your hair but when high amounts are used they actually block the cuticle. These silicon oils make your hair feel healthy, soft and silky but it is actually just covering up and sealing away any damage that has been caused to your hair. This excess silicon acts like a barrier on the cuticle preventing it from staining the cortex of the hair hence giving you significantly less time out of your colour. A real easy way to prepare your hair for a colour service is to wash with a clarifying shampoo prior to having your colour applied, this remove this silicon barrier and allow the colour to work correctly.

More information on Silicone oils

Pantene in particular contains a lot Dimethicone as can be seen on the offical MSDS ingredients list, remember when reading an MSDS the higher the products is up the list the higher the content. A lot of cheaper brands of shampoo and conditioner use these silicon oils as it is an easy to acquire product that is extremely cost effective.


Written by: Damain De Candia

One of the most common problems we see as professional stylists is un-manageable de-hydrated hair, This can be caused by environmental factors such as exposure to UVA / UVB (free radicals cause by the Sun and pollutants), swimming in salt/ chlorinated water and in some instances even the changing of seasons. It’s not surprising then with all these natural factors affecting the manageability of your hair, you want to ensure that you are not causing damage by your daily styling routine. With this said the most common cause of de-hydrated hair is by using heat styling tools like ceramic irons and Blow dryers.

Heat appliances work by breaking the hair’s hydrogen bonds , re- organizing it structure and making it sleek and straight when using your ceramic straightening  iron, After the heat breaks the bonds, the cool surrounding air essentially “freezes” the hair into the desired style. The style stays put until the hydrogen (moisture) is re-introduced into your hair. Constantly removing this moisture by opening the cuticle can cause deep cuticle damage (de-hydration).

With the big words and science out of the way  lets look at some ways to help re-hydrate your hair and help make it easier to manage when you style;

Use the correct maintenance products for your hair:

Saturate Intensive moisture treatment- Buy nowThis is becoming a very common problem with so many products being released and marketed towards making hair more manageable. The problem with this is different hair products are designed to address different problems i.e While the Brocato Cloud 9 range re-builds chemical damage in the hair it will not re-hydrate your cuticle, so even though your hair feels soft and nice the underlying damage is still there.

Aloe Barbadenis leaf juice and Vitamin B5 are essential ingredients to re-build the bonds in your hair, improving wet combability and most importantly re-hydrating your hair. Brocato Saturate treatment is specifically formulated with these ingredients to give an immediate surge of moisture to help nourish and restore even the driest hair to good health.

Use Protection when straightening your hair:

hot shapes heat protectant- buy nowMost good ceramic hair straighteners heat up to temperatures up to 210 degrees, this high temperature is what gives your hair straightener the ability to manipulate the hydrogen bonds in your hair and also saves you time by only requiring one pass with the iron. Although this is convenient for us the user, these massive temperatures are very damaging for your hair. Heat protectants like Brocato hot shapes provide slip to allow you to easily straighten and also coats the cuticle of your hair, locking in a bead of moisture to prevent damage from heat (same principles as Teflon on a frying pan). The added benefit of this product is the use of Benzophenone-4 which also acts like sunscreen for your hair protecting it from damaging free radicles that where explained earlier in this post.

I hope this post was helpful, If you would like any more information about how Brocato Hot shapes works and what makes it so unique, please click the you tube link below. This video has the Product designer Sam Brocato explaining how Brocato hot shapes and Brocato Blow-out work.

View- You Tube video

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Vibracolor range explained **Video**

30 November;  Author: admin

Brocato’s vibracolor fade prevent range is designed to enhance and extend to life of semi, demi and permanent hair colour by up to 50%. What makes this product so unique is Sam Brocato’s unique fade prevention complex which is a proprietary blend of mango extract, panthenol, aloe vera and sunflower seed oil. These amazing ingredients help increase shine, hydration, manageability and most importantly helps erradicate harmful oxidative free radicals which is generated by everyday exposure to UVA/UVB rays (pollution, smog and sun exposure).

This product is a must for anyone who has chemically treated hair (bodywave, perm or hair colour) to help re build the bonds in the hair that break down with the stresses of chemical services. The continued use of this range will keep your hair more vibrant in-between visits to the salon, helping you save money with less frequent colour services. If you would like more information please see Sam Brocato’s (product designer) information video on these amazing maintenance products.

Is this product for me;

1. Are you happy with the life of your current colour?

2. Is your colour remaining vibrant for a full 4 weeks?

3. Are you happy with your chemically treated hairs manageability and shine?

If you answered No to any of these questions this range is perfect for you!

View- You Tube videoVibracolor shampoo:  Buy now

Vibracolor conditioner:  Buy now

Vibracolor treatment:  Buy now


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