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Ashley Olsen changes from signature blonde

1 March; Author: admin


The “it” child star of the early nineties sitcom full house is back on the scene and has ditched her signature blonde for a warm brown colour. This colour not only suits her skin tone but is also a good choice for a 2016 change up for someone who is used to a lighter colour. The warm brown isn’t too much of a change to leave a life long blonde in shock and awe in front of the mirror but is enough to give you an indication whether you would suit a darker colour.


If you are wanting to progress from a darker colour to lighter than another tip is discuss foiling your hair with two tones one lighter foil to one slightly darker foil. This will not only break up the solid block of blonde that could send you into a state of panic when you see it but also gives a subtle amount of volume to the hair.


If you would like to discuss some option for going lighter or darker with your hair and bypassing the shock come in and see one of our hairdressers at our ToombulTaigum or Strathpine salons for an obligation free consultation and quote.

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