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10 things you should know about Crazy colours

19 February; Author: admin

my little pony hairTo paraphrase a line from Spiderman “With great colours, comes great responsibility!”. Lets look at 10 things you should know before taking the leap and adopting a crazy colour like so many celebrities are doing;

1. Colours usually fade within days- It’s true! unfortunately most Crazy colours are stains only, not depositing colours and will usually reduce in vibrancy significantly within 4 to 5 days. Our hairdressers at Toombul, Taigum and Strathpine have a  couple of tricks up their sleeves with the use of coloured bleach and a small range of depositing bright colours which can save time, money and of course won’t fade out as quickly but these are not available in all cases. Some colours like green and yellow though are still limited to stains only and still some fading is to be expected. 


2. Colours stain everything- Your white pillow cases and towels will never be the same again.  We always recommend to change your pillow cases and towels  for darker colours that won’t show your chosen hue. Unfortunately as much as we try all stains will run a little over time.


3. The gym will never be the same- Remember how the colour stains everything that includes your skin as well every time you work up sweat. Make sure you swap your lighter colour gym towel for a dark one and a sweat band for your head will keep your forehead from looking like a mess and might keep the gym manager off your back about the mess on the machines and the floor.


4. Go red and your shower will look like a crime scene- Yeah you guessed it the walls, floors even the taps will be covered in red and look like something out of american horror story. Make sure you buy some bleach and scrub every couple of days to avoid permanent staining


5. Change your washing habits- keep the colour vibrant by using cold water to wash. This keeps the cuticle closed and allows less of the colour to leach in the shower. Not fun in winter thats for sure but I guess on the up side you don’t need to wash your hair as often, just use a good dry shampoo so it doesn’t go icky.


6. Dry your hair thoroughly – Remember how I said that the colour gets on everything? Well that includes your hands and styling equipment when trying to style from wet. Always try to allow your coloured hair to naturally dry. This is not only the healthiest option for it but will also prevent the mess. If you must get going maybe consider using gloves and washing/ wiping equipment straight away.


7. Your natural colour how we can achieve your target colour- I’m sorry to say but in the hairdressing world not all hair is equal. To get vibrant we need a blonde base so they show up. That means if you’re darker naturally we have to get to a blonde (or 9 or 10 level in pro speak) first prior to putting the stain on. If we can use a coloured bleach this will bypass this step but will not work in every circumstance. Cureplex will allow us to do even the darkest hair in one sitting but all of course at a cost , always sit done and discuss your budget and time constraints with your hairdresser prior to getting a large service like this done.


8. Your hair afterwards will be delicate Remember we will need to do extensive chemical work in particular lightening to achieve the bright results you are after. With this type of work comes fragile, delicate hair. While our hairdressers are trained to ensure your hair remains healthy after the service, it is up to you to ensure you are careful brushing it and use the recommended treatments and products at home to help prevent the split ends, knots and ultimately snapping,breaking hair that can result from poor maintainance.


9. You have to Commit- Although now using Cureplex we can do all the bleaching in one sitting you must be prepared to write off most your day in the salon. It is a long process and although using Cureplex will allow us to do more in the same day it still takes the same time as if we do each service on a separate days (similar cost too unfortunatly).


10. Some colours are impossible to get out- This is important just remember although you might not like the colour any more without a full colour correction some shades will remain in your hair until it is all cut out. Consider this prior to going for the bright colours, It’s not something you can just colour over before you get back from summer holidays.


With that all said though most of our team that have taken the plunge and chosen to adopt a bright colour have never wanted to go back to the world of ordinary colours. If you would like to discuss a plan for you future colour see one of our hairdressers at Toombul, Taigum or Strathpine salons for an obligation free consultation and quote today.


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