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Kim Kardashian’s platinum hair

18 February; Author: admin

Kim-kardashian-blonde-hairAnother day and another Kardashian changing her hair colour. With the help of a bond fortifier like Cureplex, Kim has made the jump to platinum blonde. What do you think?

Surprisingly enough this colour is very popular at the moment with the likes of Ariana Grande, Rita Ora and others all adopting it and calling it theirs and for anyone looking for the bright fantasy colours this tone is the first stepping stone to achieve best results.

If this is a colour you could see yourself with always remember to keep a true platinum blonde you must be prepared for weekly toning services using either an at home toner or an in-salon treatment depending on the exact desired result. This is a necessity to keep that lovely clean colour which can wash out after 1 – 2 washes depending on your hair. 

If you are not fully committed or prepared to do the toner to keep this colour at it’s best i strongly advise you to look for something different. With out toning these colours tend to lose their “icyness” for what i like to call “baby chicken yellow”, not a good look on most. 

Remember while using Cureplex we can do these services in one sitting it still can take multiple lightening sessions depending on the starting colour of your hair and chemical history. This is more time and of course will affect the required budget for the service.

If you would like to explore platinum hair as an option please see one of our hairdressers at Taigum, Toombul or Strathpine for an obligation free consultation and quote. 

2 Responses to “Kim Kardashian’s platinum hair”

  1. savanna says:

    i was wondering about cureplex, i would love the kardashian blonde!
    should i go into your strathpine store as i live at north lakes will they be able to give me a quote?

    • admin says:

      Yes for sure Savanna. Go and see our hairdresser Jodee at our Strathpine hairdressing salon for an obligation free quote, this product is absolutely amazing.

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