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Your foils prices exposed! Are you getting what you asked for?

11 November; Author: admin

This question is probably one of the most commonly asked questions prospective clients ask at my hair salon in Toombul and can cause a lot of confusion among some clients. Some salons offer a full head of foils for ridiculously low prices and only after you have had the service done and are ready to pay do you find out that it was not the result you expect. Now! granted a lot of hairdressers don’t do their job correctly and skip the consultation part of the service which in my opinion is probably the most import part of your service apart from the result. During the consultation you find out exactly what results you should expect as well as us the hairdressers finding out what best suits you and your budget, but i digress.

Click here for more picturesThe reason this can confusion can exist is because there are actually two different foiling techniques that hairdressers use, both giving very different results. If you want to add Texture and volume to your hair then we usually like to recommend Feature or Casual foils. A full head of casual foils is basically 30 foils scattered through the hair with no more than 8 in the top section. This is great to add depth to a new style, highlight particular features or just give some omph! to a boring mono-coloured hair.

Summer 2011 hair and colour idea 13

If you are wanting your hair to become lighter than the Back to back foils otherwise known as classic foiling is going to give you the best result. As the name implies when we do this foiling technique we place the foils in almost on top of each other. One foil, leave a section then another foil. Overall this gives a lightening effect and when done with two tone foiling it can give amazing results like that to the right. As you can see the combination of lowlights and highlights gives more a natural almost school girl colour through the hair.

We have great priced packages that cater for both different foiling techniques that won’t break the bank. If Classic foils are more the look you are looking for our Designer cut and foils pack 6 is for you! Just remember if you wear your hair up you will need to look at a full head whereas if you wear it down the majority of the time 1/2 head or 3/4 head would be more you! If you are just after that Oomp! then our Full head foils and finish will give you just that!

I hope this article helps you with your future style choices.

Damian DeCandia- Wow! Excellence in hair (Toombul hairdressing salon)

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