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Prepare you hair for colour

6 April; Author: admin

peppermint scrubDo you sometimes find that the colour you choose in salon doesn’t seem to be as vibrant in your hair as you Brocato haircare productsoriginally thought it would be. A lot of the time this can be because your hair has not been prepared correctly for the service it is about to undergo.

A lot of commonly used supermarket brand products contain high levels of Dimethicone (silicon oils), while most shampoo’s use dimethicone as it does help add shine to your hair but when high amounts are used they actually block the cuticle. These silicon oils make your hair feel healthy, soft and silky but it is actually just covering up and sealing away any damage that has been caused to your hair. This excess silicon acts like a barrier on the cuticle preventing it from staining the cortex of the hair hence giving you significantly less time out of your colour. A real easy way to prepare your hair for a colour service is to wash with a clarifying shampoo prior to having your colour applied, this remove this silicon barrier and allow the colour to work correctly.

More information on Silicone oils

Pantene in particular contains a lot Dimethicone as can be seen on the offical MSDS ingredients list, remember when reading an MSDS the higher the products is up the list the higher the content. A lot of cheaper brands of shampoo and conditioner use these silicon oils as it is an easy to acquire product that is extremely cost effective.

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